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A one-time deposit of $250 is required and will be applied to your invoice. The $225 flat rate includes the drop off, pick up, 14 days rental, haul-to-dump fee and one ton of trash minimum. Each additional ton over one ton will be billed an additional $65 per ton. These charges will be billed to the credit card provided at the time of service. If needed longer than 14 days from original delivery, we will charge $7.00 per day. After the final pick up we will refund any balance remaining from your deposit.
  Other Fees
Customers that request for Trash Unlimited driver(s) to move or re-locate a dumpster after the original delivery or exchange has taken place will be charged $50.00 per move service. If a pick-up or exchange is scheduled by the customer/contractor and the driver is unable to access the dumpster, there will be a $50.00 charge. Please be aware that once a credit card has been run for services, if you cancel the service, there will be a $25 cancellation fee.
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I agree that equipment should be returned in condition in which it was received. If equipment is damaged due to negligence on my part, I will be responsible for any repair work or replacement parts. I understand that the dumpster can only be filled to the top of the bin, with nothing above that line. If the dumpster is overfilled I give the driver permission to reject the pickup until the bin is not overflowing or remove items from the dumpster so the tarping system will work correctly. In the case of a rejection, a $50 fee will be charged.
I assume all liability and hold harmless Trash Unlimited against all claims, damages, suits, penalties, fines, and liability for bodily injury or death, loss or damage to property related to the placement of the equipment. All terms disclosed in this statement apply to all deliveries and exchanges performed at the job site address written above.
By signing below I agree to pay all amount(s) owed within 30 days of when such amount(s) are incurred. I agree that it is and shall remain my responsibility to pay all amounts owing as set forth herein. I agree that interest will accrue on all past-due amounts at the rate of 18% per annum (1.5% per month) until paid in full. In the event any amount(s) is/are referred to a third party debt collection agency, I agree that in addition to any other amount(s) allowed for by law, (such as interest, court costs, reasonable attorney fees, etc.) I will also be responsible for a collection fee of up to 40% of the principal amount(s) owing as allowed by Utah Code Annotated, sec. 12-1-11. The terms of this paragraph shall apply to all amount(s) incurred by me or by any individual for whom I have legal responsibility whether such amount(s) are incurred today or after today.
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 Aug 18, 2019  

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