Pricing & Service Areas
All services require credit approval, and
are subject to contract terms and conditions.

Residential Price List

Haul fee includes drop off, pick up, 2 week rental & one ton of trash. Dumpsters must be swapped out for an empty can or picked up 14 days from the original delivery date. If needed longer than 14 days from original delivery there will be a $7/day fee. *An initial deposit of $250 is due before delivery. Additional tonnage will be billed after weighing, overcharges will be refunded after final pickup. Pricing may vary outside of specified service areas.

 Utah County
  Lehi to Payson

 $200* haul fee
 $55.00/additional ton
  Utah County bin rental form

 Salt Lake County

 $225* haul fee
 $65.00/additional ton
  Salt Lake County bin rental form

 Wasatch County
  Heber to Sundance

 $225* haul fee
 $65.00/additional ton
  Wasatch County bin rental form

Contractor Pricing

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